Game Designer

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Hello, my name is Nikita. My most developed skills are diligence, patience, attention to details, and dedication to completing any tasks I am presented with to the highest possible standard of quality and on time for a deadline. I have a wide range of skills that I obtained by working on a variety of both industry and non-industry related freelance and in-house jobs. I believe that the experience I gained on these jobs will be of significant value while working under pressure in the always changing creative media industry.

Working on various projects, I always keep my mind open and calm while focusing as much and as early as possible on the user experience and testing. I am always intrigued to hear about what others feel and think about my efforts to improve the user experience and make it  more engaging and believable.  I always strive to look critically at my own projects and those of others to find innovative ways to make the most engaging and polished user experience.

In my spare time, I feed my creative psyche with copious quantities of videogames, movies and tv series of all genres and themes. I find interest and inspiration in reading educational books and listening to historical, political and games related podcasts. However, I do not just spend all my time in front of a computer screen, I enjoy rock-climbing, hiking, attending social events related to popular culture or just chatting to friends while enjoying a good cup of coffee. To wrap up the above, I direct all my energy into my own projects that I developed several dozen of in Unity and UE4, in teams ranging from just myself to 8 people.

I hope you now have a better understanding of who I am as a person and as a professional. I am always happy to share information about myself and welcome a new experience and knowledge; feel free to contact me via the details in my resume.